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The latest news from ECN Issue 3 - September 2014 

New ECN control system will increase the yield of wind turbines

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Biomass: the green gold?

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Improving wind farm and turbine performance with the LiDAR nacelle

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Practical quick scan for co-firing biomass: CAT 2.0

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• Meet ECN from 30 September to 2 October at the European biogas conference in Alkmaar. Our colleagues will give lectures and make a study tour with participants.

• From 7 to 9 October you can find us in Den Bosch, where we have a stand at the Dutch Surface, the most complete industry fair for surface technology. If you register on our website, you will have free access to the fair.

• Would you like to know more about the co-firing of biomass in a pulverised coal boiler? Then come to the two-day international workshop of VDI Wissenforum. ECN will organise fascinating workshops on the latest developments in the field of biomass technology.

Power-to-gas, an option for the energy system of the future?

The Dutch energy supply is becoming more and more sustainable. The explosive growth of solar panels continues and wind farms are popping up everywhere. Nevertheless, the storage of electricity remains a problem. ECN initiated a study and conducted research into the role of power-to-gas in the Dutch energy system of the future.
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Looking back and looking ahead with the National Energy Report



ECN will publish the National Energy Report (Nationale Energieverkenning, NEV) at the beginning of October. In this document, we answer the questions about the state of the developments in the energy market, and about where the current energy policy is taking us. This report covers the period from 2000 to 2030. Topics such as consumption, supply, savings and renewable energy are addressed in the report. The document also contains detailed information about innovation and employment resulting from energy activities.

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One of the biggest global problems: reactive nitrogen

Nitrogen. We simply need it for food production and for manufacturing hundreds of products. At the same time, however, it can be extremely hazardous to our health and to the environment. In recent years, reactive nitrogen has become one of the world's biggest problems. Researcher Albert Bleeker explains what ECN is doing to chart the problem and how we contribute to finding an effective solution.
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ECN upgrades solar test facility

Go to the top floor of one of the ECN buildings and you will be standing on a roof covered in innovative technology. The latest solar and modules are field-tested there. ECN measures the effect of PV technology being exposed to the elements. Where do the various modules work best?
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Amtech makes progress

Amtech Systems has announced its majority-owned subsidiary, Kingstone Semiconductor, has received an order for its IonSolar Implant system from a Chinese solar company. Much progress has been made expanding Amtechs market opportunities and technology offerings. ECN worked together with Amtech on the ion implant system.
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Study on good practices for reducing greenhouse gas emissions

Many projects around the world are developing and implementing approaches aimed at reducing greenhouse gas emissions. But which approaches have proven effective? How can they be scaled up? And what can the different initiatives learn from one another? ECN is member of a consortium that made an analysis.

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We document our latest insights in research reports and presentations. We have compiled a 'Must Read' list of the top three publications for you.
  1. Energie Trends 2014
  2. Technology offer: Steam Reforming Catalyst 9
  3. MWT silicon heterojunction solar cell

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