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The latest news from ECN Issue 2 - July 2014 

Evidence for the successful commercial application of biorefining

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Offer old installations a new lease of life. Do the corrosion test.

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Research: The Dutch want to generate and save their own energy

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Unique solution for filling process: Feed Valve

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From 22 to 26 September 2014, the Netherlands plays host to the largest international European solar energy conference. ECN has a prominent presence at this event, to be held at the Amsterdam RAI Convention Centre.

Meet ECN at the leading international event WindEnergy Hamburg from 23 to 26 September 2014.

Design tools for future wind farms revealed! ECN organises a workshop on 24 September 2014 on how to optimise offshore wind farms and clusters.

Facts and myths about the use of biomass

The discussion on the use of biomass is complicated and requires a nuanced approach. But no matter how you look at it, you cannot escape the fact that the Netherlands desperately needs biomass to achieve its goals with regard to the use of renewable energy. Since there are quite a few misconceptions regarding biomass, Mark Overwijk and Jaap Kiel of ECN try to separate the facts from the myths. Read more

Royal HaskoningDHV and ECN set to deliver the next generation wind farms


Royal HaskoningDHV and ECN have formally kicked off collaboration for the joint development and construction support services of wind farms.


The collaboration will provide a comprehensive, unique and high value service for wind farm developers and owners. The team has set out initially to focus on designing the most efficient and cost effective offshore wind farms in the world. Read more


Highest certification for biomass pellets

Many a company, coal-fired power plant and household uses biomass pellets as fuel for energy generation. ECN has succeeded in producing biomass pellets with the highest possible certification of ENplus-A1. The pellets – which are made of giant reed – comply with the strictest standards in terms of quality, dust content and calorific value. Using the wet torrefaction technology – an innovative process for making raw biomass suitable for energy generation – we can also produce high-quality pellets and energy from grass and reeds. Read more


Solar Highways

An innovative noise barrier that generates solar energy will be installed along the A16 motorway near Dordrecht. Commissioned by the Directorate for Public Works and Water Management, ECN is developing a prototype for this noise barrier, which will be no less than 450 metres long and 6 metres high. The innovative aspect is that power will be generated on both sides of the barrier with the help of solar cells. Read more



The Netherlands as a research country

Dutch researchers and companies scored well in the European Seventh Framework Programme (FP7). Our country received nearly 3.4 billion euros from the European research budget between 2007 and 2013. The Netherlands has performed better than other countries in this respect. Robert Kleiburg of ECN explained to Dutch television channel RTL Z why he thinks this is possible.
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Festive opening of the Solliance building for solar technology

A new laboratory for solar technology was inaugurated at the High Tech Campus Eindhoven on Thursday, 12 June 2014. Research institutes, including ECN, and universities will combine forces in this laboratory. In close cooperation with the industry, they will work on developing thin-film PV (photovoltaic) solar cells.

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ECN has recently published a number of reports. Below we have compiled a “must-read” top three for you.
  1. The Economy of Large Scale Biomass to Synthetic Natural Gas (bioSNG) plants
  2. Insights on NAMA development
  3. Use of test results from the percolation leaching test (TS3) in the framework of the Construction Products Directive

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