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The latest news from ECN Issue 1 - May 2014

Fresh wind saves up to 5 per cent on offshore maintenance costs

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EDGaR natural gas programme delivers practical results

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Bio-based aromatics: waste product or innovation?

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Energy saving event a success

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ECN is exhibiting at Renewable Energy World Europe 2014 in Cologne on 3-5 June. Our presentation centres on our expertise and know-how along the entire value chain, from biomass to energy.

Scientists, policy makers and decision makers are invited to join us for the 7th Dutch CCS Symposium at 19 and 20 June in Amsterdam.

ECN performs at European Biomass Conference & Exhibition – 23-26 June in Hamburg.

Maurice Goris

Solar panels could be more sustainable

Solar energy is hot. In the Netherlands, more and more companies and consumers are installing panels on their offices, homes or outbuildings. After all, they are sustainable. Green. And cheap. Or are they? How long does a solar panel actually last? And how easy is it to replace or recycle? ECN has gone back to the drawing board to develop a more sustainable model. Read more

Towards a sustainable Amsterdam


Greater energy efficiency in Amsterdam, with less consumption and more sustainable generation. Those are the investment goals of AKEF, the Amsterdam Climate and Energy Fund. Businesses, housing corporations and non-profit organisations in the Dutch capital can all qualify for support. Since April 2014, ECN has been helping AKEF to assess the sustainability aspects of applications for investment. Is the proposed reduction in carbon emissions feasible? Are the risks involved in a cleantech scheme acceptable? By providing so-called technology due diligence, ECN is mitigating the uncertainties surrounding major investments. Read more

Clean air where you live?

In Eindhoven they know. Locals can follow air quality data for the Dutch “city of light” online, in real time. Last year, it became the first place to introduce AirBoxes to measure concentrations of particulate matter. Now is the time for more towns and cities to follow. Time for councils to join hands with residents, businesses and scientists to keep their communities healthy. Read more



Charcoal for the perfect barbecue

Europe’s largest charcoal factory is in south-western Ukraine. Under Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) supervision, Polyprom transforms low-quality wood into excellent charcoal for your summer barbecue. ECN is helping the company to improve its product and to work more efficiently. As a result, we have started looking at the barbecue in a whole new way. Read more



ECN testing thermoacoustic heat pump for Dutch industry

Energy Research Centre of the Netherlands (ECN) and Bronswerk Heat Transfer (BHT) have developed and built a heat pump that uses a very special technology for heat transfer: sound waves. The new heat pump is currently being tested by ECN. In a few years Dutch industry should be able to make enormous energy savings using this type of heat pump.
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Ready made metal from the 3D printer

The Dutch company ECN has developed a technology to make metal 3D printing, used for machine parts for example, even easier and more precise.?Usually the metal must first be molten before you can feed it into the 3D printer to create something new. The technology from ECN makes this step unnecessary.

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ECN has recently published a number of reports. Below we have compiled a “must-read” top three for you.
  1. Measuring air quality: can we do better? (In Dutch only)
  2. Wind farm design and Active Wake Control
  3. HybSi® membrane for organic solvent (In Dutch only)

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