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The latest news from ECN Issue 3 - October 2015 

A step closer to offshore wind energy at Borssele

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Growing interest in Hybsi® technology in Asia

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ECN supports the Green Deal for Sustainable Landfill Management

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Reducing the carbon footprint

How can we capture, transport and safely store the carbon dioxide generated by an industrial process? Various Dutch institutes have been conducting research on this during the past decade. Recently, ECN has designed an innovative technique to separate carbon dioxide from hydrogen. Our technique is now ready for testing on a larger scale. “This will really help major emitters of carbon dioxide reduce their carbon footprint.”
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The time has come for heavy industry

Did you know that the industrial sector is responsible for more than a quarter of CO2 emissions and energy demand in the Netherlands? Less than one per cent of that is renewable energy. Sustainability is still far off for energy-intensive industry. Senior researcher Ton van Dril believes it is time for change.
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• On Thursday 15 October 2015, we will hold the ‘Energy agreement in one day’ symposium. Help us create the 2030 Energy Agreement.

• From 3 to 5 November 2015, you will see ECN at the sixth Recycling Fair in Gorinchem. Notable companies in the areas of waste collection, processing and recycling will meet here.

• ECN is a partner of Sunday 2015, the solar energy conference that will be held on Wednesday 18 November in Arnhem. This year, special attention will be paid to building integration.

Practical test of cheap electricity storage



Storing sustainably-generated electricity must become less expensive. Only then will we be closer to transitioning to a sustainable power supply. Elestor Electricity Storage has presented a promising concept: the hydrogen bromide flow battery. Engineering firm Witteveen+Bos, the HAN University of Applied Sciences and ECN will collaborate on a practical test next year.

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Making smart climate solutions achievable for everyone

The development of new technologies is progressing fast. Smart solutions for fighting climate change are constantly being devised, mainly in rich, Western countries. ECN works through the United Nations' Climate Technology Centre & Network (CTCN) to also apply these solutions in poorer countries. “Dutch technology is crossing the border.”
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Debate about gas savings

Our independent position and expertise allows us to advise various organizations. Greenpeace commissioned ECN to investigate options for using less gas in the Netherlands. New energy saving initiatives can reduce gas extraction to 40%. A conversation with Joris Wijnhoven, Climate and Energy campaign leader at Greenpeace.
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Silent heat pump from ECN can halve residential energy consumption

ECN and Teamwork Technology have developed a whisper-quiet heat pump to ventilate, cool and heat homes, room-by-room. This revolutionary heat pump leads to significant energy savings and can save 10 to 15 per cent of construction costs involved in home renovation. The website has published an article on this innovative technology.

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Lower CO2 emissions is a matter of daring and doing

Energy experts are largely in agreement on how CO2 emissions can be further reduced. “It’s all about decision-making.” The newspaper De Volkskrant interviewed Donald Pols, International Climate Policy Manager at ECN, about measures against global warming.

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We publish our latest insights in research reports and presentations. We have compiled a ‘must read top 3’ list for you.
  1. National Energy Report 2015 (in Dutch)
  2. European Pre-Standard for Biobased Carbon Content
  3. Dynamic adaptation of Active wake control

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