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The latest news from ECN Issue 2 - June 2015 

Energy Train: the energy storage revolution

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From solar panel to shadow panel

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Explosion risk prevention? ECN tests raw materials.

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ECN is seeking a technology manufacturing company

ECN's laboratories are a hive of activity with continuous experiments using the latest technology. We develop, test and refine technologies until they are truly ready for the market. For LIBRA, the big moment has arrived. The technology for converting a useless waste stream from paper factories into valuable biochemicals is available. Will you conquer the market with this unique technology?
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Mass electric car use won't happen by itself

In 2050, all private cars in Europe should have electric motors. That seems crucial for achieving the European CO2 reduction objective for transport. But how can countries ensure that there will be enough charging stations? How can they make certain that electricity grids will not become overloaded? And that hydrogen fuel stations will be available? According to ECN researcher Hein de Wilde, policymakers must take action now.
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• From 14 to 19 June 2015 you will find us in New Orleans at the 42nd IEEE Photovoltaic Specialists Conference where researchers, students, scientists and business leaders share knowledge across the field of photovoltaics.

• Economic science issues will be discussed on 17 June at the conference ‘Science for Competitiveness’ in The Hague. This conference is part of the National Research Agenda. Please join our workshop on clean, safe and efficient energy.

Solar-powered racing in Australia



Nuna8, the fastest solar-powered car, is being constructed in strict secrecy. The Nuon Solar Team asked ECN to participate in the construction. Our components for the wheels and suspension have just been completed and will be subjected to thorough testing in the coming months. The student racing team is preparing to defend the world title in October at the Bridgestone World Solar Challenge 2015 in Australia.

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Knowledge of materials and the impacts on product quality

Knowledge of materials is essential for solving the energy problems of tomorrow. You can only create a good solar cell if you understand the materials and know how to process them. By conducting research and experimenting with new energy technology, ECN has acquired unique materials science expertise. Specialist Erik Schuring explains the advantages of a well-considered choice of materials for the final product.
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Better measurements lead to smarter policies

Particulate matter is causing a great deal of commotion among citizens, governmental bodies and environmental organisations. Measurements of air quality are interpreted and discussed in the press. But what do those figures actually mean? ECN is investigating the presence of particulate matter in Eindhoven by performing accurate measurements at the local level. With real-time data, we can make the invisible visible.
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ECN invention reduces cost of biofuel

ECN recently featured in the national news for developing a new technology that could reduce the cost of producing sustainable biofuels from biomass by some 10 to 15 cents per litre. In cooperation with international bio-refineries and test plants, we can develop the patented technology further.

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Fact, fiction and particulate matter

According to ECN's Ernie Weijers in the newspaper Het Parool, particulate matter can be measured in a smarter way, ensuring that more information on the risks becomes available. He advocates the use of modern techniques that take longer measurements in different places. Better measurements may result in a smarter policy and public debate regarding particulate matter.

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We publish our latest insights in research reports and presentations. We have compiled a ‘must read top 3’ list for you.
  1. System integration and flexibility (in Dutch)
  2. WWF Science Brief ‘Nitrogen: too much of a vital resource’ (in English)
  3. Effective integration of electric vehicles in the EU (in English)

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